Hon'able Chief Minister

Shri Raghubar Das

The Hon'ble Chief Minister, Govt. of Jharkhand

Hon'able Minister

Dr. Neera Yadav

Hon'ble Minister of Dept. of SEAL, Govt. of Jharkhand

Shri Amrendra Pratap Singh

Hon'ble Principal Secretary, Dept. of SEAL, Govt. of Jharkhand




Department of School Education and Literacy(DOSEAL),Government of Jharkhand

The School Education and Literacy(SEAL) Department is responsible for implementation of government's vision and mission in elementary and secondary educations.The Department of School Education has a dedicated Directorate of Primary School Education, headed by Director Primary Education which is entrusted with all executive functions concerning Primary School Administration. This enables the Department to function as apex policy making body with the day-to-day administration being looked after by the Directorate.The State of Jharkhand has made significant efforts to improve the extent of access to Primary Education.